Caribou Action Planning

Indigenous Communities Leading the Way for Woodland Caribou Recovery in Canada: 
2015 Review of Indigenous-led Action Plans

By the Boreal Leadership Council (BLC) & the Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources (CIER)

The Boreal Leadership Council (BLC) is building on its historical focus on recovery planning and Indigenous management by conducting a cross-country review of caribou action planning led by Indigenous peoples. The BLC retained the services of the CIER to conduct a review with a focus on tools, data, practices and governance structures currently used by Indigenous peoples for action planning, including Traditional Knowledge, identifying habitat, monitoring populations and other aspects of caribou conservation.

The findings of the report indicate that Indigenous-led initiatives to protect declining caribou herds across the boreal region are dynamic, responsive and effective. They should be embraced by governments, industry and other land users as Canada struggles to reverse the declines in one of its most iconic animals.

Summary Report
Final Report
Final Report with Appendix




Summary Report & Final Report